Typoboy's Heat

STI 2011 Eagle 5.0, 45cal ACP Capacity 10 + 1

I got this mainly as a collector's piece. 2011 refers to a modification of Browning's 1911 semi-automatic pistol design that consists of a composite frame and handle that is slightly wider than the classic single stack 1911, allowing a double stack magazine. The result is a very light .45 caliber pistol that holds 10 rounds. The fact that I have a 10" hand span makes this ideal for me. So instead of a collector's piece, I shoot this gun more than either of the others I own.

STI Trojan 5.0, 45cal ACP Capacity 10 + 1

I prefer the 1911 design and got the STI Trojan because 9mm 1911's are hard to find, and at the time ammo prices were going through the roof - lots of nut case shootings, etc. This particular gun was used and had been professionally tuned. It has the lightest trigger weight of any that I own. It's almost too light... But with the three dot sights, it's a great target gum that's cheaper to shoot than the 45s.

Kimber Tactical Pro II 45cal ACP Capacity 7 + 1

I good friend introduced me to the Kimber brand, which I would recommend if you can't find what you want in an STI. The Tactical Pro II has an aluminum frame and a 4.0" barrel, so light and more compact than a full sized 1911. I like it as a tactical piece, but you can't push too much lead through an aluminum frame without causing wear and tear. So I don't used this one as much any more, and will keep it until I can sell it or brandish it during the zombie apocalypse

Taurus PT 145 45cal ACP Capacity 10 + 1

The Taurus is an inexpensive Brazilian made compact - 3.5" barrel - that I got for the impropable but everyday risks of home envasion. This is what any unfortunate fool would encounter on the other side of the screen, in the Fall or Spring when the sliding door is open and we're chilling in the family room.